i'm no one but myself.

warning:the following entries explore subjects including (but not limited to) paranormal activities? and plutonian beings.


9:46 a.m.

just had another dream earlier ! it was about pollution getting so bad hurricanes started shitting out black phosphorus for some reason, and some typical a-list celebs whined about it like they did with covid while i nearly died from it before waking up


8:30 a.m.

i had another dream today. i was exploring a colonial ghost town and found a building that looked like this. it was a store with an apartment on top of it. the store itself was boarded up, but the door that led to the apartment itself was wide open.i walked in, and saw a surprising large set of stairs. i closed the door before going upstairs and i squatted in that barely-functioning apartment for a day or two before i ended up waking up.


8:38 a.m.

i just had the weirdest dream today and im just like ????. i was basically back in my middle school (my age was still the same as today) and some other people from my school were there too. there was no authorities around (e.g. teachers) in the classroom itself. i went somewhere (i don't remember) and when i returned i saw that some bitch stole my seat and i slipped a "girl go kys" as we argued and called it a day. however, one of her slaves recorded the thing and i got sent to the front office later (no idea if it was that same "day" or not) and got suspended for telling a hoe to pull a hannah baker. my mom was surprisingly calm about it, and all i remember doing during that three-day suspension was do chronically online things like spending all day playing video games and doing absolutely nothing overall. the fear i had


12:48 pm

i've been feeling increasingly paranoid about being alone. i feel like someone could be looking at me but im not too sure about anything. ive been seeing lots of "bedsheets" lately. they're basically (usually) white sheet-like things that fly across the corner of my eye before disappearing. i wonder what they are but sometimes some things aren't worth knowing.


5:26 pm

i've seen a little bit too many things this week. on saturday, i saw my "sister" sitting on a couch (which was filled w clean laundry before my mom put in the drawers) and when i turned around to see her, her image dissapeared right into the clothes. on monday, i saw a figure wear a pair of boots that were in the living room, and said being dissapeared into the shadows as soon as i turned around. and today, i saw something mimic ME when i was looking at my phone. i was watching some youtube videos on my bed, and when it turned black (as a video transition) i saw my reflection. i initially thought it was me, but then my dumbass realized that "i" wasn't looking at the fucking phone and then i realized that something was literally laying next to me pretending to be me. i've never felt so freaked out in a while now, and that experience definitely was something

summer/fall 2020

i had a really vivid lucid dream where i got arrested for trying to shoot up a school. i think the end was the most surreal part. i had cops keep my hands behind my back as i walked to my trial, and i literally begged my consciousness to let this be a dream before i woke up sweatier than a floridian 7/10 would recommend bc of the adrenaline but it was scary asf lol

summer 2014

8 year old me and my 5 year old sister were playing super mario 3d world when a black man (he was literally pitch black, with no facial features or anything resembling clothing, etc.) was staring at us from our window at broad daylight. we screamed and ran to our parents as the man dissapeared, but we never found out who he was, or what he wanted from us.